Why MBA graduates should avoid IT recruitment.

Disclaimer: All the things stated are utter truth and though all didn’t happen to the one who wrote this, but surely happened to the knowns of the one who wrote this

So you and your fellow MBA trainees enter the room with the manager on the 1st day of your post training period, the first question he asks you is…

How many of you know coding?mba_job759

 and being the only one in the room having prior coding experience you try defend yourself why you can’t code now because you have spent lakhs of money for which you will be paying installments for the coming 10 years of your life and be happy thinking atleast you could save some taxes by showing them in you IT returns, spent 2 years of your life, opportunity cost of the earnings you could have made by working during that period, experience you could have got on your resume and etc., etc., just so that a fancy word is added to your designation- CONSULTANT. Then after finally dodging many projects when you get one suited a bit to your so called MBA stature, you say ‘hi’ to you team member asking his role and he says CONSULTANT and you think Ohh!! he too is an MBA and you ask which college and he says ‘No, I am a B.Tech and joined as CONSULTANT after 4 years work-ex’ and he mocks (of course internally (after all we are all professionals)) that I did all that to become what he is without that fancy degree and do work that I could have done even after B.Tech.

One more incident to support my point , a friend of mine, a CA friend of mine, working in another IT firm after somehow completing training of SAP FICO joins a project and the first thing he is asked to do is to complete a coding certification which as per his manager is only an elementary one which my friend fails evidently because ‘akkad-bakkad’ doesn’t work always and when the manager get to know that, he advises to take an advance level certification in which I guess you too can guess what would have happened. So, an IT company is something that would go to Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, hire a bunch of CA and ask them to code, because that is a base level expectation from everyone who enters it thinking about getting great onsite opportunities.

Now, although the title says that why MBA graduates should avoid IT recruitment, you really don’t have a choice when on an average 50% hiring is done by IT companies across all colleges. The actual problems lie within the company where there is a disconnect between the team that hires and the one team that delivers. The one that hires wants to show how many MBA recruits were done but to a manager you are just a resource, not a MBA, a CA or someone with a commerce background, you are just a resource and you need to do what he thinks needs to be done for the project to be delivered. It doesn’t matter if you have a MBA degree, what matters is you are in an IT firm and everyone needs to know how to code.

So, a suggestion to all, either don’t come to IT if you cannot code or understands code, or if you come then be ready for surprises because the well drafted JD you see before sending your resume to the Placement Cell of your college is no way near to what you will be asked to do. What you would be doing most probably is working on one of the many SAP or Oracle solutions or some other packages, either coding or doing configurations  or testing them or providing support on them.

But yes, don’t worry, you will be called a CONSULTANT  nevertheless.



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