The day when 619921 would seize to exist…


The feeling is certainly not the same with which I thought I would write my last blog as an Infoscion, the happiness of moving ahead in both life and career is being totally nullified by the gloominess of leaving Trinfy. When I reached Trivandrum on 22nd Aug, 2012 all charged up with the Mysore training, the feeling of being more than 3000 kms from home along with the slow pace of life in Trivandrum made me lose a lot of enthusiasm, but, the serene natural beauty, exquisite beaches, work culture and ofcourse the best of all -Trinfy Gym really helped.

After enjoying 3 months of bench time got my 1st project-‘Darden’ under Rajesh and a team with which working as late as midnight or sometimes even 2 in the morning didn’t seems much hectic. It was really nice working with Kamal, Anup, Bajrang, Biswa and Priyanka and I hope the frequent talks and healthy (though not always so healthy 😛 ) jokes among us remains same always.

‘Unilever’, my 2nd and last project though of short duration for me and with not much of a work load too was a nice experience, having supporting managers- Deepa and Manoj and very supporting teammates Durgesh, Sushant and Srikanth.

This DC gave a lot of close friends and memories. Those frequent visits to Kovalam and watching movies almost every weekend with Ranjit, Prachi, Gunjan and Pranjal, having gym partners like Rakesh, Dhruv and sometimes Nishank too (sry bhai but u were not so frequent 😀 ) and a routine 2 cups of coffee every day without any break with the one who must not be named, gave lifetime memories.

It’s getting a bit too much and I would like now to put you guys out of misery who continued till here to read this and thank you too for being patient, with a note that though moving ahead in life is always necessary and we have to leave things and go sometimes far from friends for that to happen, but, having them in the process and enjoying life always helps. And Trinfy Gym you would surely be missed more than anything 😥 .



Shivam Shukla

Employee Number-619921

Systems Engineer at Infosys (for last few hours).


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